Welcome to my site!

I am a person. There is not much to see here.

This is just a basic site without any "fancy" moving text or whatever that gives you seizures and with stupid anime weeb backgrounds. No one wants that crap.

Stuff that I host

Things that I currently host. as of right now none of this may be useful for you (maybe the matrix homeserver?)

Matrix Homeserver: matrix.cubebuilder.me to use simply change the homeserver on your matrix client (element for example) to that URL. I currently don't have an Element instance running but I might make one soon.

BuyVM Wiki: doku.cubebuilder.me

Matrix Homeserver

I host a matrix homeserver that is public for everyone. You can use it by changing the homeserver on your matrix client to matrix.cubebuilder.me on a client like Element

Email verfication is not setup yet, so please do not contact me for a password reset or whatever.

The homeserver is hosted on a BuyVM / Frantech VPS in Miami, Florida United States.

Rules for the homeserver

1. No illegal stuff (CP, ddosing etc), follow US laws.

2. Do not attempt to abuse the homeserver (by trying to crash synapse)

3. No spamming

4. No Doxxing

You are allowed to discuss what you want as long as it's legal and not breaking these 4 rules.

Your information is not sold to anyone.


you can contact me and talk to me. i guess.

Matrix: @cubebuilder:cubebuilder.me (encrypted)

Email: c3bebuilder(at)protonmail(dot)com

Discord: cubebuilder#0001 (not encrypted, fbi spyware, please dont contact me here unless you need too)